Early Career News


Updates from CADRE Fellows, CADRE Postdocs, and DRK-12 CAREER awardees.

Unlocking the Everdoor: Analyzing the Serious Game Spiritfarer | Publication

Noah Glaser (2021 CADRE Postdoc), Lucas Jensen, Tina Riedy, Maggie Center, Jim Shifflett, and Joseph Griffin published this article in Educational Technology Research and Development.

Thinking Critically, Coding Creatively: Elevating Social Studies Through Inquiry-based Learning and Computer Science Integration | Publication

Michael J. Berson, Ilene R. Berson, Kristen L. Franklin, Valerie N. Fawley, Perry S. Shank, Rebecca E. Dovi, Santiago Gasca (2017-18 CADRE Fellow), Eric D. Hochberg, and Debra Bernstein published this article in Social Education.

CTE Mechanisms: The Effects of Career and Technical Education Center Admissions Offers in Baltimore | Publication

Jay Plasman (2015-16 CADRE Fellow) published this Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis article with co-authors Marc L. Stein, Rachel E. Durham, and Zyrashae Smith-Onyewu.

Conceptualizing Community Scientific Literacy: Results from a Systematic Literature Review and a Delphi Method Survey of Experts | Publication

K. C. Busch (2013-14 CADRE Fellow) and Aparajita Rajwade published this Science Education article.

Comprehensiveness, Frequency, and Consistency of Science in Elementary Schedules | Publication

Elizabeth A. Davis and Christa Haverly (2018-19 CADRE Fellow) co-authored this Science & Children article.

Community Gardens as Places for Ecological Caring in Action | Publication

Amal Ibourk (CAREER Awardee), Lauren Wagner, Deb Morrison, Syrena Young, and Justin Milledge published this article in Science & Children.

Children Communicating Care Through Curiosity Walks: Using Scientific Practices to Cultivate Knowledge About Climate Justice | Publication

Kathleen Schenkel (2016-17 CADRE Fellow) published this Science & Children article with co-authors Cassie J. Brownell and Jon M. Wargo.

Supporting Students with Blindness and Visual Impairments to Learn Computational Thinking Through Astronomy | Publication

Eric D. Hochberg, James K. L. Hammerman, and Santiago Gasca (2017-18 CADRE Fellow) published this article in the Journal of Blindness Innovation and Research.

Socioscientific Modeling: Helping Students See Systems and Understand Messy Issues | Publication

Eric A. Kirk (2023 CADRE Fellow) published this Science Scope article with co-authors Troy D. Sadler, Zhen Xu, Jamie N. Elsner, Rebecca R. Lesnefsky, Li Ke, and Laura Zangori.

Real-World Scenarios Value Community and the Climate | Publication

Helen Francis and Susan O. Cannon (CAREER Awardee) published this article in Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12.

“Educational Facials”: A Healing Tool for the Beautiful Struggle | Publication

Kari Kokka (CAREER Awardee) and Michelle Cody co-authored this Education Sciences article.

“Each Day I Find Ways to Fight for My Students”: Black Science Teachers as Advocates and Abolitionists | Publication

Vanessa N. Louis (2022 CADRE Fellow) and Natalie S. King published this Equity & Excellence in Education article.

Designing Educative Curriculum Materials for Teacher Educators: Supporting Preservice Elementary Teachers’ Content Knowledge for Teaching About Matter and Its Interactions | Publication

Deborah Hanuscin, Emily Borda, Josie Melton (2017-18 CADRE Fellow), and Jamie N. Mikeska (2010-11 CADRE Fellow) published this article in the International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education.

Beyond Niceties: Urban Black and Latiné High School Students’ Racially and Culturally Situated Perceptions of Care | Publication

Patricia Buenrostro (2018-19 CADRE Fellow) and Monica L. Miles published this article in The Urban Review.

CAREER Awardee received a 2024 ARIS Emerging Broader Impacts Leader Award | Awards & Recognition

Jessica Rodrigues (CAREER Awardee) received a 2024 ARIS Emerging Broader Impacts Leader Award.

CADRE Fellows named 2024-2025 NARST Sreyashi Jhumki Basu Scholars | Awards & Recognition

Tajma Cameron (2024 CADRE Fellow), Samuel Lee (2024 CADRE Fellow), and Vanessa Louis (2022 CADRE Fellow

CADRE Fellows/Postdoc alumni receive 2024 NARST Early Career Research Award | Awards & Recognition

K.C. Busch (2013-14 CADRE Fellow) and Terrell Morton (2018 CADRE Postdoc; CADRE Co-PI) received the 2024 NARST Early Career Research Award.

STEM Role Models for Students with Disabilities: A Systematic Review Highlighting Recommendations for the Classroom and Future Research | Publication

Shannon Locke, Jessica Rodrigues (CAREER Awardee), and Lindsey G. Mirielli published this article in School Science and Mathematics.

2020-21 CADRE Fellow awarded U.S. Department of Education grant | Awards & Recognition

Rachel Juergensen (2020-21 CADRE Fellow) was awarded a five-year, $1.06 million U.S. Department of Education grant to develop a Delaware Special Educator Certificate Program (Project DE-SPEC).

A Magical Moment Counting Tires: A Counterstory About Missed Opportunities | Publication

Carlos Nicolas Gómez Marchant (2014-15 CADRE Fellow; CAREER Awardee), Alexandra R. Aguilar, Amy Rae Johnson, Gerardo Sánchez Gutiérrez, and Mona Baniahmadi published this Teaching for Excellence and Equity in Mathematics article.

Balancing Teachers’ Needs in Times of Crisis: Investigating How Computer Science Instructional Coaches and Teachers Navigated Remote Professional Development During COVID-19 | Publication

Naomi Blaushild (2023 CADRE Fellow), Raisa Blazquez, Steven McGee, and Randi McGee-Tekula co-authored this article in Computer Science Education.

Considering the 5 Practices Through a Statistical Lens | Publication

Karoline Smucker, Francisco Sepúlveda, Travis Weiland (CAREER Awardee) Susan Cannon (CAREER Awardee), Stephanie Casey, and Sunghwan Byun published this article in Mathematics Teacher: Learning and Teaching PK-12.

Using Videos as a Tool for Self-Reflection: The Nature of In-Service Elementary Teachers’ Reflections on Their Ability to Facilitate Argumentation-Focused Discussions in a Simulated Classroom | Publication

Jamie N. Mikeska (2010-11 CADRE Fellow) published this Journal of Science Education and Technology article with co-authors Pamela S. Lottero-Perdue and Devon Kinsey.

#Resilience Is Not Enough for Black Women in STEM: Counterstories of Two Young Black Women Becoming a STEM Person | Publication

Roxanne Hughes, Amal Ibourk (CAREER Awardee), Lauren Wagner, Kelli Jones, and Samantha Crawford published this Journal of Research in Science Teaching article.