Yue Yin

Professional Title
Assistant Professor
About Me (Bio)
Dr. Yin is particularly interested in classroom assessment and applied measurement. She has conducted research on performance assessment, concept mapping assessment, and formative assessment. In her research, she used learning theory as a foundation, measurement and statistics as tools, to examine ways of using assessments to improve students' learning. Her teaching interests include measurement and applied statistics.
University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

This project will develop and test a leadership model to improve K-8 mathematics teaching and learning by involving stakeholders across the K-8 spectrum. The project will support teachers, teacher leaders, and administrators in collectively identifying and addressing problems of practice in the teaching and learning of mathematics, and in turn develop plans to improve school and district organizational capacities to support stronger mathematics teaching.

University of Colorado Denver, University of Washington (UW), University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

This project will define and synthesize effective feedback strategies that can be linked to specific features of daily classroom assessment practices. It will develop a framework, including a conceptual strand (will conceptualize feedback practice considering intrinsic and contextual dimensions) and a methodological strand (used to describe and evaluate the feedback studies and findings to be synthesized). The framework will provide a shared language within and across multiple forms of research in various disciplines.

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

This project will study the utility of a machine learning-based assessment system for supporting middle school science teachers in making instructional decisions based on automatically generated student reports (AutoRs). The assessments target three-dimensional (3D) science learning by requiring students to integrate scientific practices, crosscutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas to make sense of phenomena or solve complex problems.