Yan Ping Xin

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About Me (Bio)
Dr. Xin is a Professor in the Department of Educational Studies. Her primary expertise is within the area of mathematics problem solving involving students with learning disabilities/difficulties. Dr. Xin’s research is referenced in sources such as the National Mathematics Panel Final Report, the What Works Clearinghouse, and the Institute of Education Sciences Practice Guide. The Conceptual Model-based Problem Solving she pioneered is included in National Council of Teachers of Mathematics’ publication “Useful and Useable Research Related to Core Mathematical Practices.” Dr. Xin serves as a consulting editor to The Journal of Special Education and Learning Disability Quarterly. She served as the Guest Editor of a special issue of LDQ: Cross-disciplinary Thematic Special Series: Special Education and Mathematics Education. Currently, Dr. Xin (along with Drs. Tzur and Thouless) is editing a book that addresses the intersection between mathematics and special education, this book is expected to be published by Springer in 2022.
Purdue University

This project will develop a cross-platform mathematics tutoring program that addresses the problem-solving skill difficulties of second- and third-grade students with learning disabilities in mathematics (LDM). COMPS-A is a computer-generated instructional program focusing on additive word problem solving; it will provide tutoring specifically tailored to each individual student's learning profile in real time. 

Purdue University

The purpose of this project is to create a research-based model of how students with learning disabilities (LDs) develop multiplicative reasoning via reform-oriented pedagogy; convert the model into a computer system that dynamically models every students’ evolving conceptions and recommends tasks to promote their advancement to higher level, standard-based multiplicative structures and operations; and study how this tool impacts student outcomes.