Xiaodong Zhang

Stevens Institute of Technology (SIT)

The overriding goal of this project is to strengthen the “T” and “E” components of STEM in high school courses taken by a majority of students. Our hypothesis is that increasing the presence of engineering and technological design at the high school level, specifically by incorporating engineering activities in high school biology and chemistry classes, will improve students’ understanding of science concepts and strengthen students’ 21st century skills more than traditional methods.

Westat, Inc.

Westat will perform a multi-year evaluation of the DR K-12 program. The evaluation will examine the results and effects of the DR K-12 program from its inception as a program in 2006 through 2011, including all active grants in those years. In addition, some analysis of themes that reach back into the legacy programs of DR K-12 (i.e., IMD, CLT and TPC programs) will be conducted as warranted to understand trends and impact.