Mike Ryan


Professional Title: 
Senior Researcher
About Me (Bio): 
Mike is a research scientist at the Center for Education integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing (CEISMC), Georgia Tech's K-12 outreach center. Additionally, Mike serves as a teacher professional learning consultant for the center. Mike’s background is in science education, and his expertise is in the use of project-based inquiry learning environment and strategies to target standards-based science learning. Mike has taught physics, physical science, and earth science at the secondary level. He has facilitated teacher professional learning experiences (both short and long term) with hundreds of teachers in Georgia and New York. Mike is the co-developer and co-author of Project-Based Inquiry Science, a 3-year comprehensive middle school science series originally funded by NSF and now published by It's About Time. From 2007-2009, Mike served as a director of student programs at CEISMC, where he oversaw the design and delivery of 30-40 K-12 STEM academic enrichment programs. Mike also served as a professional learning consultant, working with Georgia school systems to improve teacher quality and develop best practices. Currently, Mike is developing experimental curricula and researching the effects for both a NASA electronic professional development program and an NSF-sponsored grant, which focuses on using robotics to teach physics.
Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech), Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, and Computing (CEISMC)

This project is developing and implementing a rigorous eighth grade physical science program that utilizes engineering design, LEGO™ robotics and mechanics, and a problem-based learning approach to teach mechanics, waves, and energy.