Louis DiBello

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Research Professor
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Louis V. DiBello is Research Professor and Associate Director of the Learning Sciences Research Institute (LSRI) at the University of Illinois, Chicago. He leads the Informative Assessment Initiative, one of the three Initiatives that make up LSRI. His research centers on practical applications of educational measurement and advanced psychometrics to problems of informative assessment in classrooms and other learning environments, with a special focus on frameworks and issues related to validity of classroom assessments. His research work includes the development of new models and methods for cognitive diagnostic assessment, including the commercially available software system called Arpeggio. He spent a period of twelve years as research director within the testing industry, including the Educational Testing Service. He has coauthored articles and book chapters in diagnostic assessment, and was coeditor of the Journal of Educational Measurement, Special Issue on Cognitive Diagnostic Assessment.
University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

This project’s overarching goal is to evaluate the assessment components embedded within two NSF-supported mathematics curricula: Everyday Mathematics and Math Trailblazers. The investigators will apply a comprehensive validity perspective that integrates a variety of empirical evidence regarding the cognitive, psychometric, and instructional affordances of multiple assessments embedded in these curricula as part of their overall instructional design.