Lisa Blank

Professional Title
Professor, Science Education
About Me (Bio)
Lisa Blank is a science education professor at The University of Montana and Co-PI on the CE3 Project. She is a former middle and high school science teacher and elementary science specialist. She completed her Ph. D. in Science Education and Environmental Education at Indiana University. Her teaching and scholarship reflect her interests in curriculum development, scientific inquiry, geospatial technology, and teacher professional development. Currently, she is focused on developing exemplary science curriculum that promotes the role of argumentation in science knowledge and the use of geospatial technologies as transformative data collection and analysis tools.

University of Montana

This project is developing new instructional materials for middle school earth science classes that incorporate emerging cyber-enabled technologies such as Google Earth as a transformative data analysis tool. The materials emphasize the use of claims, evidence, and reasoning in the exploration of volcanoes, earthquakes, and plate tectonics, leading students through a process of discovery to help them build a deeper understanding of the driving forces and resulting manifestations of plate tectonics.