Laurie Miller-McNeill


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Director of Grants Development for Strategic Initiatives
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I am Director of Grants Development for Strategic Initiatives at Rockland Community College in Suffern, NY, and serve as a researcher/program developer/administrator. This NSF project is with PI Dr. Edmund W. Gordon. I have several areas of interest, including: research, development and partnerships that advance STEM-related K-16 education and career development for students, particularly those from under-represented groups; the development of a regional incubator/accelerator to promote STEM-related economic development and job growth; the development a K-16 STEM pipeline to promote regional STEM-related innovation, invention, and entrepreneurship; and the development of "second-chance" STEM-prep programs in community colleges to provide under-prepared K-16 students with a second-chance for college-level study and careers in STEM related fields.
Rockland Community College (RCC)

This award is for the funding of a regional conference to study the future of STEM education, the impact of underrepresented and disadvantaged groups with regards to STEM, and STEM job growth and workforce development in a regional, as opposed to a national, context.