Kathryn Chval

Professional Title
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
About Me (Bio)
Kathryn B. Chval is the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in the College of Education at the University of Missouri. In addition, she is an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and Co-Director of the Missouri Center for Mathematics and Science Teacher Education. Dr. Chval is also the Principal Investigator for the Facilitating Latinos’ Success in Mathematics Project and Co-Principal Investigator for the Center for the Study of Mathematics Curriculum and the Researching Science and Mathematics Teacher Learning in Alternative Certification Models Project which are funded by the National Science Foundation. Prior to joining University of Missouri, Dr. Chval was the Acting Section Head for the Teacher Professional Continuum Program in the Division of Elementary, Secondary and Informal Science Division at the National Science Foundation. She also spent 12 years at the University of Illinois at Chicago directing NSF-funded projects. Dr. Chval’s research interests include (1) effective preparation models and support structures for teachers across the professional continuum, (2) effective elementary teaching of underserved populations, especially English language learners, and (3) curriculum standards and policies.
University of Missouri

The project aims to: (1) study resources and strategies for teachers that will facilitate participation of 3rd grade Latino English Language Learners (ELLs) in the mathematics classrooms; (2) develop related teacher professional development (PD) materials; and (3) integrate research and teaching activities. The basic research question is: How can 3rd grade teachers facilitate better mathematics instruction for ELLs?

University of Missouri

This project will advance the research base and leadership capacity supporting K-12 mathematics curriculum design, analysis, implementation and evaluation. It will serve the K-12 educational community by focusing scholarly inquiry and professional development around the issues of mathematics curriculum, examining and characterizing their role and influence on both teaching and student learning. The Center will test strategies and produce new knowledge about the impact of curriculum materials on student and teacher learning.

University of Missouri-Columbia

The goal of this project is to develop and study a mathematics partnership that engages multilingual children, their teachers, and their parents in mathematical experiences together. The project will design professional learning opportunities for parents, teachers, and students, and study the ways in which the professional learning opportunities influence teacher beliefs, quality of instruction, parent beliefs, and teacher and parent understanding of positioning.