Janet Craig


Professional Title: 
Early Childhood Educator
About Me (Bio): 
I am an early childhood educator for Minneapolis Early Childhood Family Education.We have begun offering a Preschool STEM class. Parents and their preschoolers come for 2 hours once/wk. The format of ECFE is 1 hour of parent-child interaction, and 1 hour of parent education time. We are in the formative stages of developing the STEM model to fit our program. The BLOCKS research is looking at the same questions that I have about introducing STEM concepts to preschool children, while maintaining age appropriate expectations. I have recently begun an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education, and I have been trying to combine my interest in STEM at the preschool level for my work, and research topics for the educational research class that I am currently taking.
University of Texas, Austin
Building Base Line Objectives for Children’s Knowledge Skills for Science (BLOCKS)is a 4-year project that integrates research and applied teaching to take a close look inside prekindergarten classrooms. The overall research project includes extensive classroom observation by teachers and researchers of children’s ability to learn science processes and content; intensive professional development and mentoring support for teachers to learn science; and multiple qualitative, as well as, quantitative assessment strategies.