fredia lusk

Professional Title
educational consultant
About Me (Bio)
I am a retired secondary school counselor with 42 years of experience with the Tullahoma City Schools System, Tullahoma, Tennessee. Our Center wants to combine aerospace, science and math to inspire K-12 students to improve achievementin math and science areas. Tullahoma has a regional airport, Arnold Air Force Base and the Beechcraft Air Museum located within 25 miles of four other school systems. I am coordinating a project to bring STEM education to these four school systems.
Washington State University Vancouver

This project is designed to study the Partnership for Reform in Secondary Science and Mathematics professional development model. The research on this model will contribute to the knowledge base on professional development through an empirical investigation of the model of supported teacher collaborative inquiry. The research addresses how the interactions amongst Professional Learning Community teachers contribute to new understandings about teaching, learning, and disciplinary content, and whether this translates into changes in classroom practice.