Edmund W Gordon

About Me (Bio)
Edmund W. Gordon is the John M. Musser Professor of Psychology, Emeritus at Yale University, Richard March Hoe Professor, Emeritus of Psychology and Education, at Teachers College, Columbia University and Director Emeritus of the Institute for Urban and Minority Education (IUME) at Teachers College, Columbia University. Dr. Gordon also serves as Chairman of the Gordon Commission on the future of assessment in Education.

Professor Gordon's distinguished career spans professional practice, scholarly life as a minister, clinical and counseling psychologist, research scientist, author, editor, and professor. He has held appointments at several of the nation’s leading universities including Howard, Yeshiva, Columbia, City University of New York, and Yale. Additionally, Dr. Gordon has served as visiting professor at City College of New York and Harvard University. From July 2000 until August, 2001, he was Vice President for Academic Affairs and Interim Dean of Faculty at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Dr. Gordon has been recognized as a preeminent member of his discipline. He is an elected Fellow of various prestigious associations including the American Psychological Association, American Society of Psychological Science, the American Association for Orthopsychiatry and Fellow and Life Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science. In 1968 he was elected member of the National Academy of Education. Among his most recent honors is the “Edmund W. Gordon Chair for Policy Evaluation and Research” created by the Educational Testing Service to recognize his lasting contributions to developments in education including Head Start, compensatory education, school desegregation, and supplementary education. In 2005 Columbia University named its campus in Harlem, N. Y. the Edmund W. Gordon Campus of Teachers College, Columbia University.

Dr. Gordon has been named one of America’s most prolific and thoughtful scholars. He is the author of more than 200 articles and 18 books.

Edmund W. Gordon, Ed. D. has been married to Susan G. Gordon, M.D. since 1948. Together they conceived and raised four children, whom they claim as their most important achievements.
Columbia University

This project seeks to find ways to make the measurement sciences more useful to the production of intellective competence in diverse students of the STEM disciplines. A Study Group on Diversity, Equity and Excellence in Achievement and Assessment in STEM Education will be established to address a set of issues posed as critical to the future of assessment for education and will undertake a series of activities culminating in the production of a report.

Rockland Community College (RCC)

This award is for the funding of a regional conference to study the future of STEM education, the impact of underrepresented and disadvantaged groups with regards to STEM, and STEM job growth and workforce development in a regional, as opposed to a national, context.

Columbia University

The conference will attract thought leaders, policy makers, supervisors of practice and scholars of measurement science to be informed of emerging thought and developments and to discuss selected models for the implementation of new ways of generating and utilizing data from education tests.