Dung Tran

About Me (Bio)
Dung Tran is a Ph.D. candidate in mathematics education at the University of Missouri – Columbia with primary interests on mathematical knowledge for teaching, mathematical modeling, learning trajectories, statistical thinking and reasoning, and curriculum development and evaluation. Before joining the program, he worked as a lecturer at mathematics department at Hue University – College of Education, Vietnam. He has five years experience training high school mathematics teachers back in his hometown. He taught Calculus, Mathematics for high school teaching, mathematical logics, method courses, and mathematics for the gifted at high school. He also had ten years tutoring high school students to prepare his background for teacher training. Along with an extensive advanced mathematics coursework back in his country, he has finished course requirement for a Ph.D. minor in statistics at current institution to equip himself statistical skills for research, and statistical knowledge for teaching. Currently he is working on his dissertation about learning trajectories related to bivariate data in high school US textbooks.
University of Missouri

This project will advance the research base and leadership capacity supporting K-12 mathematics curriculum design, analysis, implementation and evaluation. It will serve the K-12 educational community by focusing scholarly inquiry and professional development around the issues of mathematics curriculum, examining and characterizing their role and influence on both teaching and student learning. The Center will test strategies and produce new knowledge about the impact of curriculum materials on student and teacher learning.