Charles Matthews

About Me (Bio)
My degrees in science education (chemistry content specialty) are from Florida State University (BS and MS) and Cornell University (PhD). I am retired after faculty or consultant sppointments at Cornell University, Syracuse University, Florida State University(20 years), University of Iowa, and University of Missouri--St. Louis (part-time since 2000). My current focus is professional development for K-6 science. I work via PolyCom View Station VSX 7000, Elluminate, Skype, etc. from my home office in Arizona.
University of Missouri-St. Louis

This project forms communities of practice among K-6 teachers using Web-based resources that allow audio and video connections in real time ( and conducts research that examines the impact of these communities of practice on school programs, teaching practices, and student achievement. We invite K-6 teachers and teacher educators to join us at