Catherine McCulloch

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Project Director
About Me (Bio)
Catherine McCulloch is PI for CADRE, the resource network for DR K-12 awardees, and was Co-PI for the Massachusetts Engineering Innovation and Dissemination Community project. She has worked internationally with EDC’s middle-grades science mentoring programs as a facilitator for the mentoring skills and strategies component, and has participated in the development of a professional development model and curriculum materials for after-school programs, working in partnership with museums and science centers. Previously, Ms. McCulloch was assistant director of the National Arts and Learning Collaborative, where she oversaw community involvement in arts education. She has over 15 years of experience teaching in a variety of settings, private and public.
Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC)

CADRE is the resource network that supports researchers and developers who participate in DRK-12 projects on teaching and learning in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines. CADRE works with projects to strengthen and share methods, findings, results and products, helping to build collaboration around a strong portfolio of STEM education resources, models and technologies. CADRE raises external audiences’ awareness and understanding of the DRK-12 program, and builds new knowledge.

Tufts University

Education researchers, practitioners, industry representatives, and policymakers are increasingly committed to making engineering education accessible to all K-12 students and teachers. This project is designed to learn what type of collaborative infrastructure would best support NSF awardees in engaging in the innovative, synergistic research, development, and dissemination activities that will enable engineering to fulfill this important role in K-12 teaching and learning.