Barbara Stankus


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Project Manager; Professional Development Math Specialist
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I am a former high school math teacher, with 18 years classroom experience working with students in all grades and levels. I was involved in many new implementations of curriculum and instructional practices over those years. As the Deputy Director of the Math Science Partnership of Greater Philadelphia (MSPGP), I worked with over 20 districts in the Greater Philadelphia Region and established a trusted and knowledgeable professional relationship with administrators and teachers. I have worked with Dylan Wiliam and the MSPGP facilitators in spreading the use of formative assessment in this region since 2004. I am currently the Project Director for a Noyce Master Teacher program supported by NSF through the MSPGP and a Co-PI for the PARLO project.
The 21st Century Partnership for STEM Education

This project is researching the efficacy of a learning and assessment system that emphasizes students' attaining proficiency or better on a limited set of high value learning objectives in Algebra.