Barbara Crawford

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About Me (Bio)
I recently moved from Cornall University to The University of Georgia in Jan 2012; I am full professor of science education; I was recently elected a Fellow of AAAS. My research interests center on teacher and student understandings of scientific inquiry and nature of science and motivating ELL and children from underrepresented populations in understanding what science is; and in supporting teachers in designing classroom instruction that engages students in inquiry and learning how to think; I have over 16 years classroom teaching experience.
University of Georgia Research Foundation, Inc. (UGARF)

This project engages children in classrooms across the country in an authentic investigation of Devonian fossils. Goals include supporting children in the use of evidence in constructing explanations of natural phenomena, and motivating culturally and linguistically diverse groups of children to engage in learning science. Deliverables include development and testing of an interactive website where children learn how to identify the fossils they find and add their own data to an emerging database.