Arnon Avitzur

Professional Title
Research Assistant
About Me (Bio)
Arnon Avitzur is a fourth-year doctoral candidate in Mathematics Education at New York University. He is a research assistant to Dr. Martin A. Simon on the project “Measurement Approach to Rational Numbers” (MARN) which is supported by an NSF DR K-12 five-year grant. His dissertation work is focused on explaining how students call upon their knowledge in Geometry when solving non-routine problems.

Arnon has been teaching and tutoring middle- and high-school students mathematics and physics for 18 years in the US and Israel. He served as an adjunct professor at Touro College, teaching methods and content courses to prospective secondary mathematics teachers, and was also a teaching assistant at New York University in methods classes for prospective elementary teachers.

On top of his education-related experience, Arnon holds a BSc in Computer Science and Operation Research and an MBA with a marketing specialization, both from Tel Aviv University. He worked in the hi-tech industry for 15 years as a software team leader, system architect, and a world-wide marketing manager at Microsoft Corporation.
New York University (NYU)

This project is designing, developing, and testing an innovative approach to elementary students' learning in the critical areas of multiplicative reasoning, fractions, and proportional reasoning. The project is building on the successful El'Konin-Davydov (E-D) elementary mathematics curriculum that originated in Russia to develop a curriculum framework that can be implemented in U. S. schools. The ultimate product of the research will be a rational number learning progression consisting of carefully articulated and sequenced learning goals.