Alec Bodzin

Professional Title
Associate Professor
About Me (Bio)
I am an Associate Professor in the Teaching, Learning, & Technology program in the Department of Education & Human Services at Lehigh University. I am also a core faculty member of the Lehigh Environmental Initiative (EI), and a graduate faculty member of the Lehigh Learning Sciences and Technology doctoral program.

My current research interests include the design of Web-based inquiry learning environments; learning with spatial thinking tools including GIS, Google Earth and remotely sensed images; design and implementation of inquiry-based science and environmental curriculum; visual instructional technologies; environmental education; and the use instructional technologies to promote learning.
Lehigh University

This project will develop STEM spatial thinking skills of middle school learners by equipping teachers with earth science investigations and support materials. This project will design, develop, and test curriculum materials that use Web Geospatial Information Systems that includes advanced visualization and geospatial analysis capabilities. The project will analyze how educative curriculum materials can prepare teachers to implement Web-based geospatial science pedagogical approaches to teaching, and document the impacts on student learning.