Spotlights on STEM Education Research

CADRE's Spotlights explore important themes in K-12 STEM education research and development by highlighting DRK-12 project contributions, community perspectives, and important resources.

While many of the Spotlights cover cross-cutting topics, such as professional development or culturally relevant instruction, other Spotlights are focused on disciplines or subdisciplines (e.g. computer science, astronomy), STEM practices (e.g. modeling, problem solving), or project design & implementation (e.g. replication, CAREER awards).

Analyzing & Interpreting Data Across STEM Disciplines (2020)

The demand for data skills is growing across industries and disciplines. Understanding how to analyze and interpret data will not only be critical for students as they enter the workforce, but also as they grapple with complex issues, such as the COVID-19 pandemic or climate change. This Spotlight features 16 DRK-12 projects that are building students' data skills through research and innovative curriculum and tools.

Argumentation in STEM (2023)

This Spotlight highlights DRK-12 research and products that support the STEM practice of argumentation in math and science classrooms.

Modeling in Science & Mathematics Education (2020)

This Spotlight highlights resources and research to support modeling in science and mathematics classrooms.

Problem Solving in STEM Education (2020)

This Spotlight showcases DRK-12 projects that are researching and developing innovations that support and leverage problem solving in computer science, engineering, mathematics, and science.