Assessing Secondary Teachers’ Algebraic Habits of Mind

Participants provide feedback on a preliminary paper-and-pencil assessment of secondary teachers’ mathematical habits of mind (MHoM) and use classroom video to examine MHoM in practice.

2014 Session Types
Feedback Session (Work in Development)

In Assessing Secondary Teachers’ Algebraic Habits of Mind, the project team is developing tools to study the following questions: What are the mathematical habits of mind (MHoM) that secondary teachers use, how do they use them, and how can we measure them?

In this session, presenters share a paper-and-pencil assessment being developed to measure how teachers use MHoM when they do mathematics for themselves. The presenters also share classroom video and a preliminary framework for examining MHoM in teaching practice.

The primary session goal is to seek feedback on the tools developed by the project, including the paper-and-pencil assessment and the framework for examining MHoM in practice. The project plans to soon begin large-scale field testing and will benefit from the feedback of the DR K–12 community.

A secondary goal is to bring awareness of the existence of the tools to the community. The conception of MHoM is closely aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematical Practice. Although the tools are in field-test stages, they can serve researchers who are looking to measure changes in secondary teachers’ use of the mathematical practices as a result of an intervention.