What You Find Depends on How You See: Examining Asset and Deficit Perspectives of Preservice Science Teachers’ Knowledge and Learning

This article explores how scholars have framed studies of preservice science teacher (PST) knowledge and learning over the past twelve years. We examined relevant studies between 2008
and 2020, coding them by theoretical perspective (cognitive or sociocultural), knowledge perspective (deficit or asset), and teaching level (elementary, secondary, or both) of the PSTs in the study. We found patterns between knowledge and theoretical perspective use, perspective use over time, and differences between studies of elementary and secondary level PSTs. We conclude with a proposed model of theoretical and knowledge perspectives as seen in the reviewed studies as well as further questions for the field.

Gray, R., McDonald, S., & Stroupe, D. (2021). What you find depends on how you see: Examining asset and deficit perspectives of preservice science teachers’ knowledge and learning. Studies in Science Education.