Webinar Resources: Analyzing Teacher Learning in a Community of Practice Centered on Video Cases of Mathematics Teaching

In this webinar, presenters Joseph DiNapoliEileen MurrayDoug O'Roark, and John Russell, shared the evolution of an analytic method that aims to reveal how secondary mathematics teachers build knowledge while collectively analyzing and discussing video of mathematics teaching, and engaged webinar participants with that analytic method to gather feedback on the approach developed through the DRK-12 projects, Building a Teacher Knowledge Base for the Implementation of High-Quality Instructional Resources through the Collaborative Investigation of Video Cases

The Analyzing Instruction in Math using the Teaching for Robust Understanding Framework (AIM-TRU) learning cycle is the result of a research-practice partnership centered on using the analysis of videocases grounded in high-quality instructional materials for use as a resource for in-service and pre-service professional learning. For videos, materials, slidedecks and a facilitation guide, please visit the AIM-TRU website (note: a free user name is necessary to access the materials).

Slides & Session Resources