Validation: A Burgeoning Methodology for Mathematics Education Scholarship

Validity-related issues are a growing topic within the mathematics education community. Until recently, validation has been treated as something to gather when convenient or is rarely reported in ways that conform to current standards for assessment development. This theoretically-focused proceeding adds to a burgeoning theoretical argument that validation should be considered a methodology within mathematics education scholarship. We connect to design-science research, which is a well-established framework within mathematics education. The goal for this proceeding is to foster the conversation about validation using examples and to communicate information about validation in ways that are broadly accessible.

Bostic, J., Matney, G., Sondergeld, T., & Stone, G. (2019, February). Validation: A Burgeoning Methodology for Mathematics Education Scholarship. In A. Sanogo & J. Cribbs (Eds.), Proceedings of the 46th Annual Meeting of the Research Council on Mathematics Learning. Charlotte, NC.