Supporting a Museum-based Network of Science Teacher Leaders

In this article we describe an Informal Science Institution (ISI)-based professional learning program for science teacher leaders (STLs) developed within the context of a research-practice partnership (RPP). The RPP model supports practitioners and researchers to engage in joint inquiry, as they work together to understand and improve designs for learning (Coburn and Penuel 2016; Farrell et al. 2022). Here, museum educators and university researchers leverage their collective knowledge and experience with science teacher education to design a professional learning program for STLs. We describe the ISI teacher learning context, the design of an online professional learning program for STLs, and the first iteration of implementation of that design. We end with suggestions for supporting science teacher leadership based on what we (researchers and practitioners) have learned from this initial iteration of the program.

Heredia, S. C., Phillips, M., & and Yu, J. H. (2022). Supporting a museum-based network of science teacher leaders. Connected Science Learning, 4(3).