Revealing Teacher Knowledge through Making: A Case Study of Two Prospective Mathematics Teachers

We describe an experience within mathematics teacher preparation that engages pre-service teachers of mathematics (PMTs) in Making and design practices that we hypothesized would inform their conceptual, curricular, and pedagogical thinking. With a focus on the design of new tools that can generate new possibilities for mathematics teaching and learning, this Learning by Design experience has PMTs exploring at the intersection of content, pedagogy, and Making. We describe the forms of knowledge brought to bear on their experiences through a case study analysis of one pair of PMTs’ Making experience. As the advancement of these forms of knowledge is essential to effective mathematics teaching, these findings suggest the promise of a Making experience within mathematics teacher preparation.

Greenstein, S., Fernández, E., & Davidson, J. (2019, November). Revealing teacher knowledge through making: A case study of two prospective mathematics teachers. In S. Otten, A. Candela, Z. deAraujo, C. Haines, & C. Munter (Eds.). Proceedings of the Forty-First Annual Conference of the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education. St. Louis, MO: University of Missouri.