Professional Noticing as Student-Centered: Pre-service Teachers’ Attending to Students’ Mathematics in 360 Video

Teachers’ professional noticing has been described as transitioning from descriptions of general pedagogy to analysis of students’ mathematical procedures and conceptual reasoning. Such a shift is described as a transition towards more student-centered noticing. In the present study, we used screen recordings of pre-service teachers’ (PSTs) 360 video viewing to examine the relationship between where and what PSTs’ looked at and what they attended to in writing. Results and findings suggest that at key moments during the 360 video viewed, PSTs attending to students’ fractions focus on students whereas their peers focusing on general pedagogy (i.e., group work) focus on the teacher.

Kosko, K. W., Zolfaghari, M., & Heisler, J. L. (2022). Professional noticing as student-centered: Preservice teachers’ attending to students’ mathematics in 360 video. Eurasia Journal of Mathematics, Science and Technology Education, 18(9), 1-15.