Preparing for a Data-Rich World: Civic Statistics Across the Curriculum

Civic Statistics by its nature is highly interdisciplinary. From a cross-curricular perspective, teaching and learning Civic Statistics faces specific challenges related to the preparation of teachers and the design of instruction. This chapter presents examples of how Civic Statistics resources and concepts can be used in different courses and subject areas. Because topical issues and current data are central to these resources, we recognise that the original ProCivicStat resources will become outdated in time. We offer some guidance about developing Civic Statistics resources of your own.

Engel, J., Nicholson, J., Louie, J. (2023). Preparing for a data-rich world: Civic Statistics across the curriculum. In Ridgway, J. (Ed.), Statistics for Empowerment and Social Engagement (pp. 445-475). Springer.