Leading for Justice, Leading for Learning: Conceptualizing Urban School Leadership for Antiracist Mathematics Teaching and Learning

Urban school leaders can support mathematics instruction that acknowledges and sustains students’ racialized and cultured ways of knowing and being. Yet, leadership for racial justice is often discussed separately from instructional improvement. In this conceptual inquiry, we investigate how leadership can integrate antiracist practices into teaching and learning. We synthesize justice-focused leadership and antiracist mathematics literatures to present a framework of interconnected leadership practices and elaborate on this vision through an example drawn from our collaboration with practitioners. This manuscript and framework provide precise descriptions of leadership actions to support practitioners and researchers seeking to support antiracist, ambitious mathematics instruction.

Rigby, J. G. & Forman, S. (2023). Leading for justice, leading for learning: Conceptualizing urban school leadership for antiracist mathematics teaching and learning. Urban Education. https://doi.org/10.1177/00420859231162907