Examining the Use of Video Annotations in Debriefing Conversations during Video-Assisted Coaching Cycles

This study examined how mathematics coaches leverage written annotations to support professional discourse with teachers about important classroom events during synchronous debriefing conversations. Coaches and teachers created the annotations while asynchronously watching video of an implemented lesson as part of online video-assisted coaching cycles. More specifically, this project examined the extent to which a coach and teacher discussed the annotations during a debrief conversation in a coaching cycle. We present a rationale for needing new knowledge about the relationships between video annotations and professional discourse as well as the potential implications of such knowledge.

Gillespie, R., Amador, J., & Choppin, C. (2021). Examining the use of video annotations in debriefing conversations during video-assisted coaching cycles. Proceedings for the 43rd annual Meeting of the North American Chapter of the International Group for the Psychology of Mathematics Education, Philadelphia (pp. 642-651).