Design, Development, and Initial Testing of Asset-Based Intervention Grounded in Trajectories of Student Fraction Learning

One of the most relentless areas of difficulty in mathematics for children with learning disabilities (LDs) and difficulties is fractions. We report the development and initial testing of an intervention designed to increase access to and advancement in conceptual understanding. Our asset-based theory of change—a tested and confirmed learning trajectory of fraction concepts of students with LDs grounded in student-centered instruction—served as the basis for our multistage scientific design process. We report on foundational (i.e., a theory of change, establishment and refinement of learning trajectories, and core instructional components) and evaluative (pilot data on student outcomes) components of the intervention. The results of the study reveal positive effects of the program’s fidelity and potential to improve student outcomes in school settings. The positive outcomes support continued exploration and expansion of a new framework for supplemental intervention grounded in trajectories of student learning.

Hunt, J. H., Martin, K., Khounmeuang, A., Silva, J., Patterson, B., & Welch-Ptak, J. (2020). Design, development, and initial testing of asset-based intervention grounded in trajectories of student fraction learning. Learning Disability Quarterly. 0731948720963589.