Analyzing Teacher Learning in a Research Practice Partnership

Teachers are increasingly participating in RPPs with the goal of improving their schools and districts. This context provides teachers with unique learning opportunities as they directly take part in district-level instructional improvement work. However, we know little about what teachers learn from their involvement in RPPs. This study explores teacher learning over the course of the first year of a multiyear RPP which involves a group of elementary teachers and a team of researchers from a local university. Findings reveal shifts in three areas: teacher reasoning about relevant problems of practice, teacher contributions, and teacher roles. These findings not only shine a light on the nature of teacher RPP participation, but they also highlight how RPPs can be a context for teacher learning.

Akgul, E. S. & Castro Superfine, A. (2023, June). Analyzing teacher learning in a research practice partnership. Paper presented at the International Society of the Learning Sciences Annual Conference, Montreal, Canada.