STEM Ecosystems

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The Evidence Quality and Reach Hub (EQR) in partnership with the Teaching Institute for Excellence in STEM (TIES) is offering a free webinar on STEM ecosystems. The webinar will focus on what STEM ecosystems are, how STEM ecosystems can support PreK-12 STEM education research and development projects, and how researchers can get involved. As part of the webinar experience, participants will receive direct insights and answers to their questions from experts.

The webinar will be held on October 5, 2023, from 1:30-2:15 EST.

This webinar aligns with the EQR Hub’s goal to offer services and resources related to research methods; knowledge translation; and diversity, equity, and inclusion to current and aspiring DRK-12 grantees. To stay up to date on forthcoming virtual learning events please send your preferred email to the EQR Hub Communications Assistant, Grace McCall, at