International Society of the Learning Sciences 2022 ISLS Annual Meeting; Hiroshima, Japan - HYBRID

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DRK-12 Presentations

  • "We Need to Step it Up—We Are Basically the Future”: Latinx Young Women Doing Chemistry (Presenters: Nation, J. & Kang, H.)
  • Applying Deweyan Perspective of Inquiry to Teaching Experimentation Using Simulation (Presenters: Gey-Hong Gweon)
  • Argumentation with Summary Tables in Geoscience Learning (Presenters: Kathryn Bateman, Brandin Conrath, Scott McDonald, and Amy Pallant)
  • Empirical Validation of Early Mathematics Learning Progressions (Presenters: Ketterlin-Geller, L. R., McMurrer, J., & Hatfield, C.)
  • Innovate to Mitigate: Analysis of Student Design and Rationale in a Crowdsourcing Competition to Mitigate Global Warming (Presenters: Gillian Puttick, Brian Drayton, and Santiago Gasca)
  • Using Data Stories to Motivate Student Exploration of Science Phenomena (Presenters: Natalya St. Clair and Lynn Stephens)