National Association for Research in Science Teaching 2020 Annual International NARST Conference; Portland, OR - CANCELLED

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this conference is cancelled.

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DRK-12 Prepared Conference Materials:

  • A Study of the Impact of an Early Childhood Intervention on STEM Learning
    | These presentation slides were prepared for the 2020 Annual International NARST Conference. The context for this study was an intervention that provided professional development (PD) for preschool (pre-K) and kindergarten (K) teachers and science engagement activities for families. The research sought to determine the impact of the intervention and the extent to which parent engagement adds to student learning.
    Grade Level(s): Pre-K, Elementary
    Discipline(s): Measurement, Science, Professional Development

DRK-12 Presenters:

  • Carrie D. Allen*, University of North Texas
  • Devarati Bhattacharya, Kim Caroll Steward, and Cory Forbes, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Mark Chandler, NASA-GISS
  • Alison Billman, University of California, Berkeley; Amelia Gotwals, Michigan State University
  • Melissa Braaten*, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Allison Bradford, Libby Gerard, and Jennifer King Chen*, University of California, Berkeley
  • Shondricka Burrell*, Duquesne University
  • Daniel Capps and Ayca Fackler, University of Georgia; Jonathan Shemwell, University of Alabama; Ayca Fackler, University of Georgia; Carlson Coogler*, University of Alabama
  • Dante Cisterna, Educational Testing Service (ETS); Allison Bookbinder, Columbia University
  • Charlene M. Czerniak, Peter Paprzycki, Grant Wilson, and Jeanna Heuring, University of Toledo
  • Emily Care and Joshua Ellis, Florida International University; Elizabeth Ring-Whalen, St. Catherine University; Gillian Roehrig, University of Minnesota
  • Deborah Hanuscin, Emily Borda and Josie Melton*, Western Washington University; Jamie Mikeska*, Educational Testing Service (ETS)
  • Christa Haverly*, Northwestern University
  • Susan M. Kowalski, Betty Stennett*, and Lindsey Mohan, BSCS Science Learning; Catherine Stimac and Heather Young, Oregon Public Broadcasting
  • David McKinney, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Katy Nilsen, WestEd; Pei Pei Liu, Michigan State University
  • Jamie Mikeska*, Educational Testing Service (ETS); Heena Lakhani, University of Washington
  • Emily Reigh*, Stanford University
  • Gail Richmond, Michigan State University; Tali Tal, Technion; Irene Bayer and Kara Haas, Michigan State University
  • Minjung Ryu, University of Illinois at Chicago; Mavreen Rose Tuvilla* and Casey Wright, Purdue University
  • Jennifer Schellinger*, Lama Z. Jaber, and Sherry A. Southerland, Florida State University
  • Michelle Sinapuelas, California State University, East Bay; Corinne Lardy, California State University, Sacramento
  • Edna Tan, Aerin Benavides, and Ti'Era Worsley*, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Brit Toven-Lindsey, California State University, East Bay; Christine Bae, Virginia Commonwealth University; Kathryn Hayes, California State University, East Bay; Dawn O'Connor, Alameda County Office of Education
  • Elizabeth Xeng de los Santos and Candice Guy-Gaytán*, University of Nevada, Reno

*Denotes CADRE Fellow or Fellows alumnus