National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics 2018 Annual NCSM Conference; Washington, DC

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DRK-12 Presenters:

  • Caroline Ebby and Nicole Fletcher, CPRE, University of Pennsylvania; Elizabeth Hulbert, OGAPMath LLC (Project: Developing Formative Assessment Tools and Routines for Additive Reasoning)
  • Jenifer Hummer, Michelle Cirillo, and Matthew Melville, University of Delaware (Project: CAREER: Proof in Secondary Classrooms: Decomposing a Central Mathematical Practice)
  • Judy Storeygard and Denise Treacy, TERC (Project: Doing the Math with Paraeducators: A Research and Development Project)
  • Kara Suzuka, University of Hawai'i at Manoa; Tim Boerst, University of Michigan (Project: Developing Teaching Expertise in K-5 Mathematics)