American Educational Research Association 2018 AERA Annual Meeting; New York, NY

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DR K-12 Presenters:

  • Carrie D. Allen*, SRI International; Margaret Eisenhart, University of Colorado Boulder
  • Kyle Cox* and Ben Kelcey, University of Cincinnati; Jessaca K. Spybrook, Western Michigan University (Project: CAREER: Multilevel Mediation Models to Study the Impact of Teacher Development on Student Achievement in Mathematics)
  • Rosalie DeFino, EmilyTheriault-Kimmey, Meghan Shaughnessy, and Timothy Boerst, University of Michigan (Project: Strengthening the Quality, Design and Usability of Simulations as Assessments of Teaching Practice)
  • Ximena Dominguez and Danae Kamdar, Digitial Promise; Marion Goldstein, Regan Vidiksis*, and Ashley Lewis Presser, Education Development Center (Project: Next Generation Preschool Science: An Innovative Program to Facilitate Young Children's Learning of Science Practices and Concepts)
  • Gloriana González, Lisa Skultety*, and Gabriela E. Vargas*, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (Project: CAREER: Noticing and Using Students' Prior Knowledge in Problem-Based Instruction)
  • Dana Grosser-Clarkson*, Elizabeth Fleming, and Dan Levin, University of Maryland; Michael Neel, Vanderbilt University (Project: Developing Rich Media-based Materials for Practice-based Teacher Education)
  • Megan Nickels, University of Central Florida; Jeffrey Barrett, Illinois State University (Project: Learning Trajectories to Support the Growth of Measurement Knowledge: Pre-K through Middle School)
  • Sarah Selmer, Melissa Luna, and Ashley Murphy, West Virginia University; Janet Walkoe, University of Maryland (Project: CAREER: Investigating Fifth Grade Teachers' Knowledge of Noticing Appalachian Students' Thinking in Science)
  • Carmen Vanderhoof, Pennsylvania State University (Project: Exploring the Efficacy of Engineering is Elementary (E4))
  • Tina Vo*, Devarati Bhattacharya, Benjamin Baumfalk, Greg Welch, and Cory Forbes, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Project: Modeling Hydrologic Systems in Elementary Science (MoHSES))

*Denotes CADRE Fellow or Fellows alumnus