National Association for Research in Science Teaching 2018 Annual International NARST Conference; Atlanta, GA

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DRK-12 Presenters:

  • Joseph Brobst and Josie Melton*, Western Washington University (Project: Model of Research-Based Education for Teachers)
  • Kevin Cherbow, Megan McKinley, Katherine L. McNeill, and Rebecca Lowenhaupt, Boston College (Project: Instructional Leadership for Scientific Practices: Resources for Principals in Evaluating and Supporting Teachers' Science Instruction)
  • Tonjua B. Freeman*, Malcolm B. Butler, Jonathan L. Hall, and Kimberly Davis, University of Central Florida (Project: School Structure and Science Success: Organization and Leadership Influences on Student Achievement (Collaborative Research: Butler))
  • Deborah Hanuscin, Western Washington University; Kelsey Lipsitz* and Mark Ehlert, University of Missouri; Dante Cisterna, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Project: QuEST: Quality Elementary Science Teaching)
  • Okhee Lee, New York University (Project: Development of Language-Focused Three-Dimensional Science Instructional Materials to Support English Language Learners in Fifth Grade (Collaborative Research: Lee))
  • Sharon Lynch, George Washington University (Project: Multiple Instrumental Case Studies of Inclusive STEM-Focused High Schools: Opportunity Structures for Preparation and Inspiration (OSPrl))
  • Anna MacPherson, American Museum of Natural History (Project: Moving Next Generation Science Standards into Practice: A Middle School Ecology Unit and Teacher Professional Development Model)
  • Ashley Murphy and Melissa Luna, West Virginia University (Project: CAREER: Investigating Fifth Grade Teachers' Knowledge of Noticing Appalachian Students' Thinking in Science)
  • Gwen Nugent, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Project: Analysis of Effective Science Coaching: What, Why and How)
  • Soo-Yean Shim and Jessica Thompson, University of Washington (Project: Learning Labs: Using Videos, Exemplary STEM Instruction and Online Teacher Collaboration to Enhance K-2 Mathematics and Science Practice and Classroom Discourse)
  • Molly Stuhlsatz, BSCS (Project: Scientific Data in Schools: Measuring the Efficacy of an Innovative Approach to Integrating Quantitative Reasoning in Secondary Science (Collaborative Research: Stuhlsatz)
  • Joseph Taylor, BSCS (Project: PlantingScience: Digging Deeper Together - A Model for Collaborative Teacher/Scientist Professional Development)
  • Carmen Vanderhoof and Gregory Kelly, Pennsylvania State University; Christine Cunningham, Museum of Science, Boston (Project: Exploring the Efficacy of Engineering is Elementary (E4))
  • Tina Vo* and Cory Forbes, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Project: Modeling Hydrologic Systems in Elementary Science (MoHSES))

*Denotes CADRE Fellow or Fellows alumnus