National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 2017 Research Conference; San Antonio, TX

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DR K-12 Presenters:

  • Jere Confrey, Will McGowan, Margaret Hennessey,  Meetal Shah, and Michael Belcher, North Carolina State University (Project: Building a Next Generation Diagnostic Assessment and Reporting System within a Learning Trajectory-Based Mathematics Learning Map for Grades 6-8)
  • Vecihi Serbay Zambak and Marta Magiera, Marquette University (Project: CAREER: L-MAP: Pre-service Middle School Teachers' Knowledge of Mathematical Argumentation and Proving)
  • Chris Rakes, University of Maryland Baltimore County; Robert Ronau, National Science Foundation; Sarah Bush and Kristen Cook, Bellarmine University; Jon Saderholm, Berea College; Margaret Mohr-Schroeder, University of Kentucky (Project: Engineering Teacher Pedagogy: Using INSPIRES to Support Integration of Engineering Design in Science and Technology Classrooms)  
  • Corey Webel, James Tarr, Christopher Austin, Christina Sheffel, and Kimberly Conner, University of Missouri; Denise Spangler, University of Georgia (Project: From Elementary Generalist to Mathematics Specialist: Examining Teacher Practice and Student Outcomes in Departmental and Self-Contained Models)
  • Kara Jackson and Mahtab Nazemi, University of Washington; Jonee Wilson, North Carolina State University; Anne Garrison Wilhelm, Southern Methodist University; Charles Munter, University of Missouri; Charlotte Sharpe, Syracuse University (Project: Improving the Implementation of Rigorous Instructional Materials in Middle-Grades Mathematics: Developing a System of Practical Measures and Routines (Collaborative Research))
  • Cara Haines, University of Missouri (Project: Investigating and Supporting the Development of Ambitious and Equitable Mathematics Instruction at Scale)
  • Jeff Barrett and Craig Cullen, Illinois State University; Andrew Izsak and Sybilla Beckman, University of Georgia, Athens (Project: Learning Trajectories to Support the Growth of Measurement Knowledge: Pre-K Through Middle School)
  • Joanne Lobato, C. David Walters, Carren Walker, and Matt Voigt, San Diego State University; Phil Vahey, SRI International (Project: Re-Imagining Video-Based Online Learning)