Apply for the 2020 CADRE Postdoc Professional Growth Opportunity

CADRE is inviting 5 postdoctoral researchers who work in the field of STEM education research to participate in the CADRE Postdoc Professional Growth Opportunity. Selected postdocs will have the opportunity to network with other early career researchers, engage in informal mentoring with more experienced researchers, participate in capacity-building webinars on funding their research agenda, and attend the 2020 DRK-12 PI Meeting in Washington, D.C. During the PI meeting, postdocs will participate in topical sessions (see the 2018 PI Meeting agenda for examples of past sessions), network with and/or be mentored by current DRK-12 awardees (optional), and meet NSF program directors. CADRE will cover the expense of approved travel and lodging for each accepted postdoc (up to $1000 per postdoc). CADRE will also offer activities specifically designed for postdocs to learn about NSF proposal development (including a mock proposal review), explore career pathways, and network with other early career STEM education researchers.

Calendar of Activities

  • April 2020: Introductory Webinar
    Virtual Meeting | Postdocs introduce themselves and their research, learn about CADRE, and discuss expectations for the Postdoc Professional Growth Opportunity.
  • May 2020: Applying for Grant Funding Webinar
    Virtual Meeting | Postdocs join the CADRE Fellows and grant-funded researchers to discuss funding opportunities, how to fund your research agenda, and how proposal development varies with each funder.
  • June 3-5, 2020: DRK-12 PI Meeting
    In-Person Meeting | Postdocs attend the PI Meeting in Washington, D.C., network with awardees, and participate in sessions including a mock proposal review. Postdocs are expected to fully participate in all early career activities and events at the meeting and to contribute to knowledge sharing related to the PI Meeting through one of the following activities: 
    • Informally mentor a CADRE Fellow during or within a month of the PI Meeting (possible topics include looking for postdoc positions and dissertation writing);
    • Write a blog offering their perspective on a PI Meeting session or theme for potential inclusion in the July CADRE Newsletter; or
    • Live Tweet during the PI Meeting to disseminate knowledge and resources shared at the meeting with other STEM education stakeholders. 
  • June 2020: DRK-12 Proposal Development Webinar
    Virtual Meeting | Postdocs and CADRE Fellows draw on their experience from the initial funding webinar and the mock proposal review to discuss the development of a DRK-12 project from conception to proposal writing with the principal investigator.
  • June/July 2020: Postdoc Debrief/Wrap-Up Webinar
    Virtual Meeting | Postdocs discuss their experiences in the program. Postdocs are also expected to complete an evaluation survey.


Applicants must:

  1. Be a postdoc at an academic institution (or hold a similar position at a non-academic education research organization).
  2. Be nominated by a PI or Co-PI of an active DRK-12 project. (Note: The PI or Co-PI does not have to be in attendance at the PI Meeting.)
  3. Have research experience in education and exhibit evidence of leadership.
  4. Demonstrate the desire and potential for advancing the field of STEM education.
  5. Have professional experience and career goals that contribute to broadening participation in STEM education.
  6. Have the capacity and commitment to fully engage in the activities outlined in the Calendar of Activities above.

CADRE aims to establish a cohort of 5 postdocs that represent diverse backgrounds, experience, interests, professional goals, institutions, and geographic regions. Special consideration will be given to applicants from awardees and institutions that have not previously had a CADRE Postdoc and who have not had similar professional development opportunities. Please note that we will accept only one postdoc nomination per PI/Co-PI.


Application materials include an application form, personal statement, CV or resume, and a letter of recommendation from the nominating DRK-12 PI or Co-PI. Applications are due by 5:00 PM EST on Friday, February 21, 2020.

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