DRK-12 Impact Video in Video Showcase

Join us in a discussion about the impacts of education research at the 2018 STEM for All Video Showcase!

May 14-21, watch our video, join the conversation, and add your comments.

The Impact of Education Research

  • How do you think about the impacts of education research? In terms of potential societal benefits? Benefits in individuals' lives? Particular types of outcomes, e.g., student engagement or learning?
  • How do we measure impact? In terms of changes in resources that are produced, participation levels, aspects of instructional practices, student performance, or diversity in the STEM pipeline and workforce?
  • How do we improve the impact of K-12 STEM education research? Working in closer collaboration with educators and other stakeholders? Increased dialogue with policy-makers? Designing research for experimental testing? Identifying critical features for adaptation of models, technologies, systems, etc. to specific contexts?

We invite you (and your project evaluators) to think about these issues of education research impact when viewing CADRE's video featuring Christine Cunningham (Boston Museum of Science), Kathy Perkins (University of Colorado, Boulder), Vikram Kapila (NYU), and Cory Forbes (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) who talk about the impacts their NSF-funded projects have had on students and teachers. Christine Cunningham (Boston Museum of Science) and Hilda Borko (Stanford University), along with the CADRE team, will lead the discussion.