Wanli Xing

About Me (Bio)
As a learning analytics and AI researcher in education, Dr. Wanli Xing is a tenure-track assistant professor in College of Education and Chair of Education Programs at Warren B. Nelms Institute in the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering at the University of Florida. His research themes are: (1) explore and leverage educational big data in various forms and modalities to advance the understanding of learning processes; (2) design and develop fair, accountable and transparent learning analytics and AI powered learning environments; (3) create innovative strategies, frameworks, and technologies for AI, Data Science, and Computing Workforce development.

With these interrelated themes, he aims to push the fundamental limits of learning analytics and AI to revolutionize STEM and online education. His research has been supported by National Science Foundation, Institute of Education Sciences, National Security Agency, Schmidt Family Foundation, Helios Education Foundation, Florida Department of Education and the University of Florida. Dr. Xing directs the AICE lab, standing for Advanced and Inclusive Computing for Education.
University of Florida (UF)

This project addresses a major educational barrier, namely that rural students are less likely to choose a major in STEM and have far less access to advanced STEM courses taught by highly qualified teachers. The LogicDataScience (LogicDS) curriculum and virtual delivery are expected to relieve the resource constraints significantly and thus reach rural students. The strategy behind this curriculum development for data science explores the utility of emphasizing how the foundations of data science in computing, mathematics, and statistics are unified by mathematical logic. The project is studying the impacts of the new curriculum on students’ learning of computing, mathematics, and statistics.