Susan Doubler

Professional Title
Co-Director, Center for Science Teaching and Learning
About Me (Bio)
Sue Doubler is Co-Director of the Center for Science Teaching and Learning at TERC (an educational research and development center for K-12 mathematics and science learning) and former Associate Professor of Science Education at Lesley University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She is currently Principal Investigator of the Talk Science! Project, a project developing internet-based professional development aligned with the Inquiry Project Curriculum. She was Principal Investigator of the Inquiry Project (a longitudinal study of children’s understanding of matter), and Co-Principal Investigator of the Fulcrum Teacher Leadership Institute, a Math and Science Partnership with Tufts University. She led the development and implementation of a fully online master’s program in science education for K-8 teachers. Her work focuses on the interface between science education and technology, and is particularly interested in using technology to further inquiry-based science learning. Before coming to TERC, she was an instructional specialist and teacher in the Winchester Massachusetts Schools.
TERC, Inc.

This project  will develop a video recording and analysis system called VideoReView (VRV) that allows grade four science teachers to record, tag, and analyze video in their classroom in real time. The investigators will then study and enhance the system in the context of professional learning communities of teachers. 

TERC, Inc.

This project is designed to enhance and study the development of elementary science teachers’ skills in managing productive classroom talk in inquiry-based physical science studies of matter. The project hypothesizes that aligning professional learning with conceptually-driven curricula and emphasizing the development of scientific discourse changes classroom culture and increases student learning. The project is developing new Web-based resources, Talk Science PD, to help elementary teachers facilitate scientific discourse.

TERC, Inc.

This project is developing a learning progression in scientific inquiry about the nature of matter. The effort will result in a research-guided system of curriculum, assessment and professional development focusing on the transition from a macroscopic to a microscopic understanding of matter that occurs in upper elementary and middle school. The project has a close collaboration with scientists and urban schools.