S. Lynneth Solis

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Doctoral Student
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S. Lynneth Solis is a graduate of the Mind, Brain, and Education program and a current doctoral student in Human Development and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Her research interests focus on the study of conceptual development. What are the cognitive processes that lead children to evermore complex conceptions of phenomena in the world? Furthermore, how can adults—educators and parents—best support these cognitive processes to guide children in the acquisition of deep understandings? In the Learning About Complex Causality in the Classroom project, I am involved in studies looking at the way children best learn and understand complex causal models in science learning. One study investigates how young children interpret mutually causal phenomena (as in symbiosis), in which the cause-effect interaction pattern is not unidirectional. Another study looks at students’ ideas about action at a distance. Two other projects study students' understanding of probabilistic and distributed causation.
Harvard University

This project focuses on how children learn to reason about three aspects of complex causality; probabilistic causation; action at a distance; and distributed causality;and how to best support the development of this reasoning in classrooms. Through microgenetic study across the school year with small numbers of students in grades K-6, the study will characterize children's reasoning at different ages and how it shifts over time and with different learning supports.