Nicole Kersting

Professional Title
Assistant Professor
Citations of DRK-12 or Related Work (DRK-12 work is denoted by *)
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  • Kersting, N. B., Smith, J. E., & Vezino, B. (under review, 2020). Using Authentic Video clips of Classroom Instruction to Capture Teachers’ Moment-to-Moment Knowledge-Filtered Perceiving. ZDM International Journal of Mathematics Education.*
  • Kersting, N. B., Sutton, T. Kalinec-Craig, C., Stoehr, K. J., Heshmati, S., Lozano, G., & Stigler, J. W. (2016). Further Exploration of the Classroom Video Analysis (CVA) Instrument as a Measure of Usable Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics: Taking a Knowledge System Perspective. ZDM International Journal for Mathematics Education, 48(1), 97-109. doi:10.1007/s11858-015-0733-0*
University of Arizona (U of A)

This project’s researchers are determining individual teacher effect estimates and investigating their stability across models. This study also investigates the instructional practices of a subsample of 30 highly effective and 30 less effective sixth-grade mathematics teachers using videotaped classroom lessons, which are coded and analyzed by researchers who are blind to the value-added effectiveness of the teachers.

University of Arizona (U of A)

This project will develop a scalable, classroom-focused measure of usable mathematics teaching knowledge that is aligned with the state standards through a classroom video analysis measure (CVA-M) in three content areas: (a) fractions for grades 4 and 5, (b) ratio and proportions for grades 6 and 7; and (c) variables, expressions, and equations for grades 6 and 7. The project will examine the psychometric properties of the new items and scales, including the reliability of scores, and collect evidence on content, substantive, structural, and external aspects of validity to evaluate the overall construct validity of the CVA-M.