Nancy Songer


Professional Title: 
Professor of Science Education and Learning Technologies
About Me (Bio): 
It is increasingly important for all American students to become sophisticated thinkers of science. The Center for Essential Science is engaged in educational research to improve complex reasoning in science and science learning in high-poverty, urban, elementary and middle school classrooms, with particular focus on the Detroit Public Schools. Our work centers on the fourth through eighth grades, a period when the performance of American students in science falls behind that of students in other countries. We work in two areas: * the development of curricular units and associated technologies to promote students' deep understandings of current science topics, and * the exploration of new ideas in educational assessment leading to tests that evaluate students' complex reasoning with science.
University of Michigan (UM)

This project draws from the expertise of a fully collaborative educator-scientist team to create learning progressions, curricular units and assessment instruments towards large scale research on the teaching and learning of climate change and impacts by 7-12th graders in primarily under-resourced schools. Products include eight week curricular units, IPCC-compliant simplified future scenarios, an online interface with guided predictive distribution modeling, and research results.