Mavreen Rose Tuvilla

Professional Title
Research Assistant
About Me (Bio)
Mavreen Rose S. Tuvilla is a doctoral candidate in Purdue University’s Department of Chemistry, Division of Chemistry Education. Mavreen received her BS in Chemistry from University of San Carlos (Philippines) and MS in Chemistry (Analytical Chemistry) from Texas A&M University. Prior to pursuing her doctorate, she taught middle school and high school Chemistry at BASIS Flagstaff in Arizona. Currently, she is a graduate research assistant working on the DRK-12 project: Professional development for K-12 science teachers in linguistically diverse classrooms. Previously, she worked on Project RESET: Refugee youth engaging in critical STEM literacy and learning. Her dissertation work investigates how resettled refugee youth used multimodality (including translanguaging) in science engagement in an afterschool science program; and what elements of the afterschool setting fosters productive science engagement. She is interested in informal/formal science education of minoritized learners, refugee education, professional development of teachers in superdiverse learning contexts, and school change.
University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC)

This project will engage science teachers in a sustained professional development (PD) program embedded in an afterschool science program designed for a linguistically diverse group of English learners (ELs).