Marianne Wiser

Professional Title
Associate Professor
About Me (Bio)
I have a degree in Physics and Engineering and a Masters degree in Physical Oceanology from the University of Liege, Belgium and a PhD in Cognitive & Brain Science from MIT. My areas of research are science learning and science teaching in elementary and middle school; the development of physical concepts, numeracy, and notations in young children; and the role of language in science learning, from a conceptual change point of view.

My work in science education focuses on on a learning progressions of matter and a learning progression for energy for the elementary grades. I am working with a team of researchers, curriculum developers, and teachers associated wotj Tufts University, University of Massachusetts, Boston, and TERC, Cambridge, MA. I am also collaborating with colleagues at Clark University on an oral language curriculum for early elementary school based on science learning progressions and language development research.
She have consulted for the College Board as part of a team that redesigned the assessment for the AP Physics course assessment using an Evidence-Centered model; for NRC on how to organize science standards around core ideas; and for the Massachusetts Department of Education on how to revise science standards around learning progressions.

Clark University

This project is a collaborative effort that aims to develop a grade 3-5 Learning Progression that will provide a coherent approach to teaching energy in elementary school and lay a strong foundation for further learning in middle school. The project will identify a network of core concepts and principles about energy that are fundamental and general enough to be compatible with scientific ideas about energy, yet within reach of 5th graders.