Kathleen Easley

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Katy Easley is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Learning Partnership. Her primary research interests center around curriculum development and instructional support. She began her career as an elementary Montessori teacher in central Illinois. She has also taught undergraduates at the University of Michigan, taught 3rd-graders at a New York City summer science camp, and provided instructional support to teachers in Illinois, Mississippi and New York. While getting her doctorate from the University of Michigan, she supported the development and implementation of an elementary project-based learning curriculum that integrated science, literacy and mathematics. Her current work focuses on supporting curriculum development in inquiry-based middle school science.

Katy holds a PhD from the University of Michigan in Educational Studies, with a concentration in Literacy, Language, and Culture.
The Learning Partnership

This project will support students to develop evidence-based explanations for the impact of disturbances on complex systems. The project will focus on middle school environmental science disciplinary core ideas in life, Earth, and physical sciences and serve as a starting point for supporting students to coordinate different sources of information to parse out the direct and indirect effects of disturbances on components of a system and to examine the interconnections between components to predict whether a system will return to equilibrium (resilience) or the system will change into a new state (hysteresis).