Jennifer Schellinger

About Me (Bio)
Jennifer Schellinger is postdoctoral researcher for an NSF-funded program called Learning Through Collaborative Design –Professional Development at Florida State University (FSU). The focus of this project is to identify the most effective means by which to support teachers to foster productive epistemic discourse in science. Jennifer received a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in science education from FSU in 2019. During her doctoral work, she engaged in multiple research studies focusing on the potentially promising intersections that occur between science (S), technology (T), engineering (E), and mathematics (M) disciplines highlighted in reform efforts and implicit in the widely used acronym of STEM. Her current research foci centers on engaging all learners, especially girls and students of color, in sensemaking about scientific phenomenon at the intersection of other STEM disciplines in formal and informal spaces. Jennifer is a 2019-20 CADRE Fellow.
Florida State University (FSU)

This project will investigate the role of collaborative design in supporting teachers' professional growth around productive epistemic discourse in high school science classrooms. The project will examine an activity that is often used for the generation of curricular materials, collaborative design, and explore its promise in fostering biology teachers' professional growth as part of a larger professional development experience focused on epistemic practice.